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Cosatto’s Hootle is the two-way cuddle in your car.

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Product Description

5 Reasons to buy Hootle

Cosatto’s Hootle is the two-way cuddle in your car. Shifting gear from rear-facing pod for newborns to their first forward-facer, Hootle holds tight. Go shop the tough transformer…

  • Two Stages in One – Initially rear-facing, then front-facing Group 0+/1 car seat, no need to buy separates with Hootle.
  • Reverse Gear – Hootle gives your tiny traveller rearward-facing protection all the way up to 13kg.
  • Faff-Free – Helpful Hootle has a one-handed multi recline for the quickest route to snooze. Travel tidy thanks to pop-off washable covers. Hootle is ever so considerate – fitting easily in front or rear of your car and sporting a 5-point safety harness plus quick-release buckle for home time.
  • Snug Security – Hootle’s all about the best fit for both stages. Hugging first with a newborn nest then with the Group 1 squidgy liner; it’s a padded paradise for your passenger with tummy pad, chest pads and removable squishy liner all in a tough shell. Nothing cuddles your precious cargo like Hootle.
  • Versatile Voyager – Because a car seat that protects from the start flag through toddler twists and turns has stamina.

Hootle is a Group 0+/1 car seat covering:

• Group 0+ – Suitable from birth to 13kg (12-15 months approx.)
• Group 1 – Suitable from 9kg – 18kg (9 months – 4 years approx.)

(Never put a child in a passenger seat fitted with an active front airbag. Airbags are designed to protect adults but can have the opposite effect on children.)

-Group 0+/1 car seat

  • Rearward facing in Group 0+ car seat suitable from 0 – 13kg (approx 0 – 15 months)
  • Forward facing in Group 1 mode suitable from 9 – 18kg (approx. 9 months –4 years)
  • Universal Fit
  • Fits both front and rear vehicle seats
  • Compatible with standard 3 point vehicle seat belts
  • Easy to install
  • Side impact protection
  • 5 point safety harness with quick release buckle
  • Washable covers

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

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